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Non-Immuno-Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Partnering and Development: What's the Role of Non-IO in an IO World

January 26th, at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

Sponsored by ShareVault, Pullan Consulting, Defined Health and BIO

In this live web panel, the panelists will discuss the role of non-immuno-oncology treatments for cancer in a world where immuno-oncology is playing a greater role.  Biotech licensing and pharmaceutical business development consultant Linda Pullan will be joined by four panelists who are business development experts from global pharmaceutical companies, a leading academic cancer center, and a top business development consulting firm. 

Discussion Synopsis

The clinical success of checkpoint inhibitors has made Immuno-Oncology an amazingly "hot" area for pharmaceutical and biotech deal making.  With checkpoint antibodies seen as backbones for combination therapy in cancer, many in Oncology are asking:

What is the role of non-IO in an IO world and can you partner a non-IO opportunity?

•Is there still room for new anticancer agents that are not working in IO models?

•Are drug candidates evaluated with the assumption that everything will eventually be used in combination with IO agents?  Or are there indications or mechanisms for which IO will never be important?  Should I pursue combinations with IO?

•What kinds of mechanisms are attractive in non-IO?  What data and models will big pharma want to see?   Do I need to run experiments with their molecule?  Are there certain tumor types that are particularly attractive?

•Is it too late to try to compete in the crowded space of combination with PD1 antibodies?  What other IO agents are likely to backbones of oncology franchises?

•What will make my non-IO drug candidate compelling for partners and investors?

We will ask these experts from industry and academia the questions and answer your questions as well. 

Moderator:  Linda Pullan, PhD | Pullan Consulting

Panelists:      Jeff Bockman, PhD | Defined Health

                       Peter Sandor, MD, MBA | Astellas Pharma

                       Axel Hoos, MD, PhD | GlaxoSmithKline

                       Eric Haura, MD | H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center 


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Jan 18, 2017 | Email | 

BIO is excited to announce that we have negotiated major cost savings enhancements with VWR that took effect for all BIO-VWR program customers on June 1, 2016. Your contract was automatically updated – you don’t need to lift a finger to realize the new benefits.


As a current BIO-VWR program participant, you’ll benefit from:

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The BIO-VWR contract is the nation’s leading and largest laboratory supplies contract within the industry, saving more than 1,800 life sciences companies $200+ million in 2015.  For more than 18 years, VWR has been committed to BIO members –  learn more about these exciting new enhancements and to request more information.


BIO members will continue to receive unbiased product choice and best-in-class support through VWR’s extensive network of industry professionals, dedicated specialists, e-commerce capabilities, and supply-chain management services

The BIO-VWR contract is the proven leader in the life sciences industry, – combining best-in-class superior pricing, excellent service and unbiased product choice.  Accept no substitute.


You won’t need to change a thing – or do anything – to start saving.   You’ll continue to have the same account representative, account numbers and ordering process.

For more information, please contact

Mr. Jeff Vallerga,

Program Director – Biotechnology,

VWR International, Phone: 480-543-9423, email:

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Apr 12, 2016 | Email | 

ShareVault has prepared a new whitepaper to follow up its high-powered webinar, What’s Hot & What’s Not in Gene Therapies for Rare Disorders, part of the acclaimed Life Sciences Series.

The industry-leading panel addressed cutting-edge advances in genetic therapies expected to provide game-changing treatments and possible cures for patients with rare inherited disorders―all in the context of increasingly complex funding models and pressures.  If you are interested in rare disorders and how recent discoveries may redefine how therapies are delivered, you will want to have this essential resource. 

·        Download your whitepaper here for What’s Hot & What’s Not in Gene Therapies for Rare Disorders, or access the webinar recording.

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Oct 27, 2015 | Email | 

Put the power of the VWR-BIO Business Solutions partnership to work for you in the highly competitive medical device arena. Extend your purchasing power with access to hot list pricing and flexibility on a vast controlled environment, production, and safety portfolio The program offers product choice from industry-leading manufacturers for Controlled Environment needs, a global distribution network that drives supply chain security and product quality, a suite of differentiated services including safety station maintenance and stocking, all supported by the highly trained team of Controlled Environment Specialists

The BIO-VWR program includes special pricing agreements with major manufacturers like Kimberly Clark, Excelta, Ansell, Micronova, Contec, plus many other member-only benefits. Enrollment is as simple as completing a one-page enrollment form/agreement. 

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