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Nikon Instruments

Nikon Research Grade Microscope Systems

The Nikon Instruments Research Grade Microscope Systems Program is available to BIO and select state and regional life science associations’ members, and offers a wide selection of research instrumentation and digital imaging solutions for microscopy for direct purchase. Nikon Research Grade Microscope Systems enable researchers fully integrated microscope systems for expediting discoveries to commercialization at a cost savings.  


Member Benefits

•  BIO Exclusive pricing on Nikon and third party items
     -15% off select BIO customized microscope packages
     -7% off individual Nikon items, 5% off third party products
•  Onsite NO CHARGE (unless specified on quote) installation
     -Includes installation of all items on invoice inclusive of hardware & software, including 3rd party items
•  1 Year Warranty Full on Systems, 5 Year Warranty on Microscopes
     -15% off a wide variety of Warranty Extension Programs
•  On-site No Charge training, customized to Customer needs
     -Includes training on hardware, software provided after installation on an as needed basis
•  Products relevant for wide range of Biotech company sizes and needs
•  Highly trained Nikon teams throughout the Americas partner with customers to build unique systems solutions
•  Fully integrated flexible customized packages for expediting discovery to commercialization - easily scaled up for larger operations
•  Research-grade imaging systems including award-winning live-cell imaging products, super-resolution systems, confocal microscopes, and High Content imaging systems
•  Seamless integration of third party products
•  One unified software solution
•  Dedicated customer service and support network

Eligible Biotech Associations

In addition to members of BIO, members of the following state and regional biotech associations can take advantage of this program:







New Jersey


Rhode Island

South Carolina