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Online Marketplace for outsourced Scientific Research Services

BIO has partnered with, the online marketplace for outsourced scientific services and products, to offer researchers access to a platform with thousands of pre-qualified suppliers providing custom research services. Immediate savings will be realized by sending requests to multiple suppliers in a single click.  Marketplace users are not assessed any subscription, implementation or transaction fees. charges their suppliers a minimal transaction fee, negotiated by BIO, for orders processed.  Signing up is simple, and’s Research Concierge™ — a team comprised of experts with decades of scientific experience — can assist with any order no matter how complex the project.

Member Benefits

•  Savings realized by receiving competitive price quotes from multiple suppliers
•  Registering on the marketplace is free, and there are no set up, subscription, or user fees of any type.
•  Access to the world's largest commercial CRO network - 2,600+ prequalified, registered suppliers
•  Vendor consolidation - all contracting and billing managed by
•  Choose from over 3,800 research areas, including:
Human Biological Samples
       - Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
       - Custom Antibodies
       - Compound Synthesis
       - and thousands more
•  Quick turnaround times on all orders
•  No minimum order required
•  Access to the latest scientific innovations on the Innovation Hub

Eligible Biotech Associations

In addition to members of BIO, members of the following state and regional biotech associations can take advantage of this program: