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See the Savings with BIO Business Solutions®

An analysis of the actual savings of companies that participate in BIO Business Solutions® can give you an idea of how much money your company can save through the program. The savings data below represents average annual savings of actual program participants. Results will vary based on an individual company's product mix, purchase volume and other factors.

BIO-VWR International Program
Lab Supplies Spend Range Under BIO-VWR Program Average Savings Off List Price Under BIO-VWR Program
> $3M $3,641,781
$2M - $3M $1,577,151
$1M - $2M $907,045
$500k - $1M $508,905
$250k - $500k $262,384
$100k - $250k $110,257
$50k - $100k $55,183
$25k - $50k $25,145
$10k - $25k $12,476
<$10k $2,834
BIO-Office Depot Program
Office Supplies Spend Range Under the BIO Program Average Savings Off List Price
>$600k $941,269
$250k - $600k $607,341
$100k - $250k $162,666
$50k - $100k $85,548
$25k - $50k $42,083
$10k - $25k  $19,999
$1k - $10k $4,863
<$1k $450
AVG SAVINGS Office Depot 57%